Was an Independent, Do It Yourself Blog dedicated to Icelandic music by music slut Wim Van Hooste

Was an Independent, Do It Yourself Blog dedicated to Icelandic music by music slut Wim Van Hooste
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May 16, 2011

Retro Stefson @ Ja Ja Ja Music @ The Lexington, London on 26. May 2011

Last Ja Ja Ja before the summer and they have a fab line up!

Young Dreams will impress, even before their opening note hits your lucky ears, with their stage-packing 12 members. On first listen, comparisons can be made with Animal Collective, with both finely skilled in making dreamy, otherworldly soundscapes and experimental, lush pop. There’s also the classic sound of Phil Spector and Brain Wilson in their youthful energy, making Young Dreams the perfect blend of both comfortingly familiar and daringly unique. They will be your new favourite band.

Retro Stefson, another stage filler with their 7 members, are one of Iceland’s brightest hopes and best live bands. They effortlessly and energetically fuse surf, latin, blues and afro (among other influences) into a refreshing pop sound overflowing with fun and vigour.

And for something completely different, Eleanoora Rosenholm is the work of three incredibly respected Finnish artists who have written three concept albums which narrate the dramatic and disturbed odyssey of a suburban housewife to “hysterically kaleidoscopic pop” – Time Out. Its idiosyncratic beauty is its ability to sit so left of centre yet raise comparisons crossing a wide spectrum from the likes of Kylie Minogue, Abba and Mondonna to Smashing Pumpkins (comparisons made by Pitchfork, who hailed the bands’ latest album an “art-disco rollercoaster” (8.2/10). Popmatters perhaps sum it up more deftly “Eleanoora Rosenholm, from the opening notes through the haunting, balladic finale, transport you completely to an alternate world”.

Ja Ja Ja Music

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