Was an Independent, Do It Yourself Blog dedicated to Icelandic music by music slut Wim Van Hooste

Was an Independent, Do It Yourself Blog dedicated to Icelandic music by music slut Wim Van Hooste
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January 6, 2011

Marathon Karaoke in the Nordic House & Around Iceland 6-7-8. January 2011

The Voice of the Nation!
Marathon-Karaoke in the Nordic House and around the country
6-8. January 2011

The nation will sing the natural resources back on the last day of christmas: The ownership and the responsability of the natural resources should be public but not privatised as now is the case.
In the Nordic house and around the country celebrities and amateurs will sing their favorite tunes in the biggest karaoke in Iceland so far; in an ode to our natural energy resources.
Everyone is challenged to step on stage and sing! And let the nation’s voice be heard!

Quoting our prime minister Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir, the government cannot ignore a petition that 15 % of voting Icelanders have signed. On the petition of “orkuaudlindir.is <http://orkuadlindir.is/> ” we’ve got 21.000 signatures so we’ll still need some 14.000 to reach the 15 %. And we’ll keep on singing until...
The petition wish is clear:
The Icelandic natural resources shall be owned and governed by the public !
Out-of tune and well-tuned singers, every one will do their best to keep the singing going for at least three days: with karaoke-machines, live bands and automatic pipe-organ!
Musicians are kindly asked to send in the midi-informations of their music so it will be possible to sing some icelandic music in the karaoke. The karaoke’s technicien Bjarki will recieve them at orkuaudlindir@gmail.com
More infos about this event will be published on a new year!

This event is organized and made possible by many helping minds and hands:
Björk and orkuaudlindir.is <http://orkuaudlindir.is/> , Grímur Atlason, students of the University of art and the Nordic House. 

Björk goes Joy Division
"Love will tear us apart" @ Karaoke Marathon

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