Was an Independent, Do It Yourself Blog dedicated to Icelandic music by music slut Wim Van Hooste

Was an Independent, Do It Yourself Blog dedicated to Icelandic music by music slut Wim Van Hooste
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July 27, 2011

Electric Ethics @ Bakkus 2. August 2011

Electric Ethics 
Rafmagnaða Gjörninga
Who makes the Nazis
@ Bakkus, Tryggvagata 22
2. August 2011 @ 22:00
Free Admission 
Program with   
Jóhann Eiríksson - Epic Rain - Arnljótur - Inside Bilderberg - Plasmabell


  1. Hello. I am sorry to be commenting on this, but I could not figure out how the email thing on the side worked. Anyway, I am in the U.S.A. and I have looked everywhere for a song from Iceland that there are no lyrics for online and I am starting to wonder if it even exists. I heard it in the film Eleven Men Out, an Icelandic film from a few years ago. The lyrics go... "do you really think you can save me... maybe I'm already dead." It has a rock beat and it is featured in the trailer as well as in the film itself. I can't find out any info and there is no soundtrack, but I am sure it is an Icelandic song. Any help would be appreciated. My email is puftaboy@gmail.com

  2. Hello Puftaboy,
    The soundtrack was made by Bardi Johannsson. He makes music under the name "Bang Gang" and collaborated with Keren Ann as "Lady and Bird".
    For the song of the trailer & other songs of the movie, he collaborated with the rock/hardcore band "Minus", with front singer Krummi Björgvinsson. This time under the name "Minusbardi": Strakarnir Okkar (liter. Our Boys).
    More about this soundtrack here:
    Kind regards,

  3. The track is called "Last en least", #2 on the soundtrack
    Soundtrack available here: