Was an Independent, Do It Yourself Blog dedicated to Icelandic music by music slut Wim Van Hooste

Was an Independent, Do It Yourself Blog dedicated to Icelandic music by music slut Wim Van Hooste
Moved back to I love Icelandic music & started new blog Icelandic Music Mob
The Enfant Terrible of the Icelandic Music Scene - Crapule de Luxe Islandaise
The Mob
and I love Icelandic music

October 29, 2011

R.I.P. Icelandic Music Maffia > Viva I love Icelandic music again - The Second Coming > ROK around the clock


5 years  
 I love Icelandic Music
Start on 29. October 2006
Icelandic Music Maffia
R.I.P. on 29. October 2011
Every end has a start!

This is the last post.
Keep on listening to Icelandic music!
Keep on making good (or bad) Icelandic music!
Bad Taste rules anyway.
Keep on writing/blogging about Icelandic music!

Takk fyrir síðast!
Kæru vinir

I'll leave you this for the upcoming winter time:
I love Icelandic music (aka ILIM)
Icelandic Music Maffia (aka IMM)
Icelandic Music Museum (aka IMM 2)
Icelandic Music Mixtape (aka IMM 3)
Icelandic Music Mob (aka IMM4)
 C U All @  
The Second Coming of the I love Icelandic music blog
and follow my
Pönk 2012 Project
aka Rock in Reykjavik 2.0
Other interesting (music) stuff can be found:
Iceland Music Export (IMX) in English
Iceblah in English
Rjominn in Icelandic
Dr. Gunni in Icelandic
I heart Reykjavik in English
Iceland Review New about Iceland in English
Reykjavik Grapevine Magazine in English


  1. So sorry to see you go!

    Thanks for the great music and all your enthusiasm for Iceland and the music scene!

  2. Ah Wim, it's a sad day, to be sure. Thanks for filling in many of the missing pieces in the Icelandic music puzzle for me. If you keep them up I know I will be referring to your sites in the future, I'm sure...


  3. New t-shirts next year. Designing the shirt & logos right now. And the buttons!
    Stay tuned @ Icelandic Music Mob blog
    http://icelandicmusicmob.blogspot.com and Pönk 2012 blog http://ponk2012.blogspot.com

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