Was an Independent, Do It Yourself Blog dedicated to Icelandic music by music slut Wim Van Hooste

Was an Independent, Do It Yourself Blog dedicated to Icelandic music by music slut Wim Van Hooste
Moved back to I love Icelandic music & started new blog Icelandic Music Mob
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November 17, 2010

Review of Airwaves 2010 - Photographs by Markus Moises

Change my name
This was the last & final post on my blog I love Icelandic music
It is not the first on my blog. But my friend Markus provided me some exclusive footage of my favorite artists.
I was in Reykjavik one WE before Airwaves running around my 101 habitat to obtain some Pré-Airwaves feeling.
Enjoyed some bands that I heard for the first time live:
Two Tickets To Japan, Morning after Youth & Coral @ Rock Bar Dillon on Thursday 7. October
Valdimar @ Sódóma on Friday 8. October
BOB @ Faktory (working on their 2nd album) on Saturday 9. October
My Review of Airwaves '10
Pré-Airwaves - On Tuesday I enjoyed 7 artists @ Faktory. Thank you Rúnar Magnússon! More Hljóðaklettar Please!
On Wednesday 8 gigs @ Faktory. Hell yeah there was more Hljóðaklettar!
On Thursday 5 (venue) + 4 (off-venue) gigs
On Friday 5 (venue) + 4 (off-venue) gigs (2 bands not on stage @ Airwaves)
On Saturday 6 (venue) + 1 (off-venue) + 1 backstage/soundcheck @ NASA (Hellvar)
On Sunday 4 gigs (off-venue) + 1 short movie screening (Where's the snow?!)

Best Foreign Bands (as usual I had my focus on the Icelandic Artists)
2 Danish artists:
Selvhenter with 2 female drummers - nice mix with Rúnar & friends on stage
Spleen United
Best Icelandic Artists (in my humble opinion alphabetically!)
Amiina as a sextet (with drummer & Kippi Kaninus) off-venue @ Havari
Bárujárn with theremin @ Amsterdam
Captain Fufanu @ Tjarnarbio
Coral off-venue @ Backpackers Hostel (Laugavegur)
Ensimi @ NASA
Ghostigital @ Tjarnarbio
Gjöll @ Faktory
Hellvar @ NASA
Mammút off-venue @ Hresso
Pascal Pinon @ Risid
Prinspóló off-venue @ Havari (+ I saw the générale the day before)
Reptilicus @ Faktory
Reykjavik! @ NASA off-venue @ Boston
Saktmodigur @ Café Amsterdam
S.H. Draumur @ NASA
Sólstafir @ Sódóma
Sudden Weather Change go Ghostigital @ Tjarnarbio off-venue @ Boston
Vicky @ Prikid

Best Projection
Ghostigital Saturday @ Tjarnarbio
Hlodaklettar Evenings Tuesday & Wednesday @ Faktory
Best Outfit/Stage Costume
Captain Fufanu Saturday @ Tjarnarbio
Best Dancers on Stage
2 dancing queens on stage with Barujarn @ Amsterdam
Friends on stage with Ghostigital @ Tjarnarbio
Best Pregnant Singer
Singer of Worm is Green, like fellow female singers Björk did with KUKL, Heida i Unun with big belly on stage (baby doing pogo dancing I suppose)
Brightest Icelandic Hope
Nolo @ Venue
Best Anarchistic Singer
Siggi Pönk (aka The Punk Nurse) of Gjöll Tuesday @ Faktory
Best Cover Song
Sudden Weather Change go Ghostigital: with a cover of the song "Goodmorning"
Most Disappointing Gig
Evil Madness @ Faktory: "no evil, no madness, no Johann Johannsson"
Worst food & drinks
Sponsoring by a famous Dutch Beer. Although they are obligated to give people water for free (Icelandic law), some bar personnel asked people to pay for the pure Icelandic, glacial H2O.

It was time to change the name (I don't like ALL Icelandic music/I even love non-Icelandic music) & time to reinvent myself.
You can follow my 2 new blogs entitled "Icelandic Music Maffia" & "Icelandic Music Museum"
(both abbreviated as IMM) .
Icelandic Music Maffia
A blog dedicated to independent music made in Iceland, especially for artists without a British manager (artists are in control!).
A blog dedicated to all Icelandic music items, especially Rare Icelandic Records/Recordings (RIR).
October 2006 - October 2010

The Icelandic Music Maffia PR Manager
All Photographs in this review made by Markus Moises. Thx Markus!

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